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The difference between polymer lithium ion battery and liquid lithium ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries can be classified into liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries according to the electrolyte materials used in lithium-ion batteries. The positive and negative materials used in the polymer lithium ion battery are the same as the liquid lithium ions, and the working principle is basically the same. The main difference is that the electrolyte is different. The liquid lithium ion battery uses a liquid electrolyte, while the polymer lithium ion battery is replaced by a solid polymer electrolyte. The polymer can be "dry" or " In the colloidal state, most of the polymer gel electrolytes are currently used.


1. Solid polymer electrolyte lithium ion battery

2. Gel polymer electrolyte lithium ion battery

3. Lithium ion battery for polymer cathode material

Since the liquid electrolyte is replaced by a solid electrolyte, the polymer lithium ion battery has the advantages of being thinner, arbitrarily aread, and arbitrarily shaped, and does not cause leakage, combustion, explosion, and the like. The problem is that the battery casing can be made of aluminum-plastic composite film, so that the specific capacity of the whole battery can be improved; the polymer lithium ion battery can also use the polymer as the positive electrode material, and the mass ratio energy will be higher than the current liquid lithium ion battery. Increase by more than 50%.