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Industry knowledge 3 polymer lithium battery - high rate discharge battery series introduction

The polymer lithium ion battery has the highest technical content in the battery industry. The latest varieties are lithium cobalt oxide material as the positive electrode and carbon material as the negative electrode. The electrolyte is composed of solid or gel organic conductive film, and is made of aluminum plastic film. The latest generation of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is a new generation of liquid battery, not only has the characteristics of high voltage, long cycle life, stable discharge voltage and clean and pollution-free of liquid lithium ion battery; it also eliminates the safety hazard of explosion of liquid lithium ion battery. High energy density; at the same time, the shape is more flexible, convenient and light weight; the product performance meets or exceeds the technical indicators of liquid lithium ion, and it is more safe, and is favored by domestic and foreign electronics manufacturers and design companies.