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Camera battery how to maintain?

Camera battery how to maintain?
First determine the type of battery, the battery is written. The following points to talk about the maintenance of two batteries.
1,  lithium battery (most used): taboo overcharge and high temperature,  lithium battery factory has been activated, do not need to charge for 12  hours, do not need to run out of power and then recharge. Do not expose the battery to prolonged exposure to heat. Lithium batteries are more than 65 degrees dangerous explosion.
2,  nickel batteries (old camera): Because of the strong memory of nickel  batteries, began to run out of power in full, repeated three times  completely activated. Try to run out of battery power later.
No  matter what kind of battery, try to use the original charger, if not  long-term is best to charge once every 3 months, so as to avoid loss of  activity.